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High-ranking Taliban accuses Harry of war crimes

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Prince killed 25 people in Afghanistan

High-ranking Taliban accuses Harry of war crimes

Prince Harry killed 25 people in Afghanistan while serving in the military, according to his book. A Taliban is now speaking of a war crime.


Prince Harry writes in his biography that during the war in Afghanistan, as in the city of Garmisir here in 2008, he killed 25 people.

According to descriptions in his memoirs, a high-ranking Taliban member has accused Prince Harry (38) of war crimes. ‘They you killed weren’t pawns, they were people; they had families waiting for their return,” Anas Hakkani (29) wrote on Twitter on Friday.

“Among the murderers of Afghans, not many have the decency to reveal their conscience and confess their war crimes.” The tweet was triggered by reports about the memoirs of the British prince, who is said to have killed 25 people as a soldier in Afghanistan. “It was nothing that made me happy, but also nothing that I was ashamed of,” Harry wrote according to information from the broadcaster Sky News. The broadcaster obtained a copy of the unpublished book and, like many other British media, quoted it on Thursday.

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