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House of TV emigrants burns down completely

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Fire drama in “Up and away”

House of TV emigrants burns down completely

Anita Thomi and Alain Aegerter have just realized their dream on the Greek Peloponnese. And just a few weeks later, the couple from the SRF emigrant series “Up and Away” is faced with the ruins of their existence.

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Alain Aegerter and Anita Thomi wanted to start a new life in Greece and bought a house on the Peloponnese peninsula.


Berit-Silja GründlersEditor People

When Anita Thomi and Alain Aegerter pack their belongings in the Emmental and move into their dream house on the Greek Peloponnese peninsula, the couple has no idea that only a few weeks later they will be happy to be able to hug each other at all.

Together with Aegerter’s parents, the Bernese were finally able to start realizing their dream of holidays for reptile lovers. But just three weeks after Thomi and Aegerter moved in, terrible forest fires raged in Greece. Also in the Peloponnese. «First we could only see smoke and then the fire came over the mountain. You suddenly saw it burning everywhere. It’s getting closer so fast. We were suddenly surrounded,” says Anita Thomi, who was in Greece without her husband Alain at the time. He had to go back to Switzerland to organize the import of the couple’s numerous reptiles.

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