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Husband Peter Klein tearfully begs for forgiveness

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Cheating drama about the jungle camp

Husband Peter Klein tearfully begs for forgiveness

A drama is taking place away from the jungle camp. Katzenberger mom Iris Klein accuses her husband Peter of cheating on her in Australia with Djamila Rowe’s jungle accompaniment. Now everyone involved has presented their side of the story.

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The marriage of Peter and Iris Klein is not good.

Who with whom and why? The question arises when you are currently looking at the notorious Palazzo Versace on Australia’s Gold Coast. That’s where the accompaniments of the current jungle campers live. And two are said to have come closer: Peter Klein (63), father-in-law of Lucas Cordalis (55) and his support in Australia, received the full package of drama from his wife Iris Klein (55) on all possible channels. Daniela Katzenberger’s (36) mother wants to have found out that her husband jumped into the designer bed with actress Yvonne Woelke (41). She supports her friend Djamila Rowe (55) in the adventure “I’m a star – get me out of here”.

On Instagram, followers and the supposedly unfaithful husband learned that he likes thin blondes and is allowed to move out of the house together. In Australia, Peter Klein has little chance of calming down his wife, as he says in an interview with RTL. “I can’t get to her. She’s also blocking something.” He also denies all allegations of having a flirtation with Yvonne Woelke. “I didn’t cheat on my wife,” the bodybuilder continued, and then he cries into the camera: “I love you!” Klein has to briefly interrupt the interview.

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