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“I took on the role because of my grandmother”

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Unforgotten: Al Pacino in “The Godfather” from 1972.

Interview: Patricia Danaher

During the filming of «The Godfather» there was a moment when he began to suspect that the mafia saga was going to be great. Al Pacino (82) remembers meeting Francis Ford Coppola (83) after filming the funeral of Marlon Brando (1924-2004) aka Don Corleone. Coppola sat alone on a tombstone in the dark and “cried like a little child”. The reason: the producer had forbidden the director to shoot any more funeral scenes the next day for budget reasons. And for Pacino, Coppola’s reaction at the time was proof of “the incredible passion Francis put into his work”. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the cult film – it was released in Swiss cinemas on August 24, 1972 – the actor looks back once more.

Mr. Pacino, dhe role of Michael Corleone made you a world star. You really shouldn’t have gotten it.
Al Pacino: Right. The bosses at Paramount Studios didn’t want me. Then I should have been fired again after two weeks. But Francis Coppola stuck with me and brought forward my most important scene, in which I, as Michael, shoot two men in the restaurant. I would have liked to throw everything down. But this man made it clear to me that he needed me for the role.

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