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Is Brad Pitt breaking up with Hollywood?

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Insider speaks of half pension

Is Brad Pitt breaking up with Hollywood?

It is rumored that Hollywood will soon have to do without Brad Pitt – at least halfway – because the actor wants to retire more.


Brad Pitt has sold his majority stake in his production company, Plan B.

Is Brad Pitt (59) retiring from Hollywood? The Oscar winner has just sold the majority of his successful production company Plan B, which he founded with ex-wife Jennifer Aniston (53), to a French media empire. According to CNBC, 60 percent now belong to Mediawan. Pitt is said to be richer by several hundred million. An exact amount is not known. The sum should not be higher than half a billion.

According to an insider from the “New York Post”, Pitt’s desire to gradually withdraw from the industry is behind this: “He will probably continue to be in front of the camera from time to time, but will not accept any other business projects. It’s a kind of semi-retirement where he can decide for himself how much he still works.” Pitt has also worked as a producer up until now. He was responsible for over 60 films.

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