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Is there a crisis between Laura Maria Rypa and Pietro Lombardi?

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Before the birth of her baby

Is there a crisis between Laura Maria Rypa and Pietro Lombardi?

Influencer Laura Maria Rypa is expecting a son with her partner Pietro Lombardi and is heavily pregnant. But will the two still be together when he is born? There are currently rumors of a love crisis.


Pietro Lombardi and Laura Maria Rypa announced in August that they are expecting a baby.

What’s going on with Laura Maria Rypa (27) and her fiancé Pietro Lombardi (30)? The two always stand out due to their on-off relationship and are currently expecting their first child together. Now there are rumors about a love crisis. Because: Rypa removed Lombardi (30) from her Instagram biography. Until recently, the singer could still be found in it, with the letter “P” and a loving emoji. But they are both gone now. Fans are now wondering if this could be a sign of a crisis.

The fact that the “L” for Laura can still be found in the biography of Lombardi’s profile could speak against it. However, about a week ago he also gave an indication that things are not going as they should. He wrote to his partner on social media: “We’re not having an easy time right now, but you just show me every day what a strong woman you are.”

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