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“I’ve always done crazy things”

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Interview: Patricia Danaher

The premiere of “Top Gun: Maverick” had to be repeatedly postponed due to the pandemic. And for leading actor Tom Cruise (59), the pressure grew as the producer of the blockbuster to publish the sequel to his cult film from 1986 on a streaming platform. But the superstar didn’t want to hear anything about it. “That would never have happened to me,” he says. And: “That will never happen in the future either.”

Mr. Cruise, so the big screen is sacred to you, even though we live in times when people prefer to stream movies at home…
Tom Cruise: I will always support cinema. And with it all the people who work there – regardless of whether they sell tickets or popcorn. I know how hard the last two years have been for you. I promise that my films will continue to be cinema films in the future.

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