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Japanese massage technique – Shiatsu – keeping body and mind in balance

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Shiatsu is much more than physical work. Mind, psyche and soul are also supported and brought into balance.

On the floor there is a comfortable futon with a small pillow on it, with the Shiatsu therapist and qualified physiotherapist Annina Storni kneeling behind it. On the futon you lie on your back, stomach or side in comfortable clothing. She treats the patient with her fingers, hands or arms, pressing exactly where the life energy, the Qi, flows in the body – these are the so-called meridians.

Shiatsu is a Japanese massage technique and means “finger pressure”. Shiatsu is more than just pressure with the fingers, says Storni: “We also work with rotations or shaking the extremities.” The flow of energy in the body is balanced and at the same time the natural self-healing powers are stimulated.

What Shiatsu is best known for: It relaxes. “The stomach or intestines can start to bubble,” the therapist knows from experience. Deep breathing can be heard again and again – an unmistakable sign of relaxation. “But treatment can also trigger emotions,” says Storni. Shiatsu touches the whole person when he or she gets involved in it. Tears can flow or moments of happiness can be experienced.

Emotions also get the energy flowing. And that can solve one or two “knots in life,” Storni knows. During therapy on the futon it is possible to get to know yourself better.

That’s the beauty of Shiatsu, it touches the body, mind and soul

The great power of massage technology lies in the healing of a wide variety of ailments, both physical and mental. But Storni emphasizes: “Nobody is forced to do anything during therapy. Rather, as therapists, we make an offer to people and support them.”

When does Shiatsu help?

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Shiatsu particularly helps with physical complaints such as:

In case of mental stress such as:

Shiatsu is suitable for everyone, from babies and toddlers to adults and older people. “I have also treated patients in a palliative care ward,” says Storni. The focus is always on people. Shiatsu is a mindful therapy that can help you draw on your own physical or psychological resources in various life situations.

For recognized therapists, supplementary health insurance may pay for the treatment.

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This article was published in May 2023 and updated due to the occasion.

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