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Jungle camp Tessa unpacks middle finger scandal

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Tessa Bergmeier unpacks the middle finger scandal in the jungle camp

Big reckoning with Heidi Klum

Tessa Bergmeier became known through Heidi Klum and “Germany’s Next Top Model”. In the jungle camp, she leaves no good hair on the model mom.

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Tessa Bergmeier unpacks in the jungle camp about her time at “GNTM”.

Tessa Bergmeier (33) made headlines in 2009 by showing Heidi Klum (49) the middle finger on “Germany’s Next Top Model”. In the jungle camp, she is now settling accounts with the model mom, because the gesture was said not to have been intended for her.

During the night watch, Papis Loveday (46) talks to Bergmeier about the program. She tells him that she was approached for the show and didn’t apply herself. Then she unpacks about the middle finger scene. «They fooled me! I found that unfair,” she rants. She didn’t show the middle finger to Klum, but to a cameraman. He wanted to film her while she was crying.

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