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“Keep your mouth shut!”

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Military buddy lashes out at Prince Harry

“Keep your mouth shut!”

In his memoirs, Prince Harry Biography speaks, among other things, about his military service in Afghanistan – former buddies are annoyed by the statements, a British officer even sees them as a security risk.


In his biography “Reserve”, Prince Harry reports, among other things, about his time in Afghanistan, here in October 2012 in an army camp in the south of the country.

Prince Harry (38) writes in his biography “Reserve” about his active service in Afghanistan – according to his own statements, he killed 25 Taliban during the war. For friend Ben Mcbean (35), who was with him in the army, this is going too far. He lets the world know about his dissatisfaction via Twitter: “I love you, Prince Harry, but shut up!” He doesn’t like the way he talks about the murder of his opponents. In addition, the Duke of Sussex should not share his feelings with the world.

Statements pose a security risk

Colonel Richard Kemp (63), a retired British Army officer in Afghanistan, goes even further – he sees Harry’s comments as a security threat. Kemp continued to The Mirror: “All the good work that Prince Harry has done on behalf of the armed forces has been undermined by his statements. He not only went too far with his statements in relation to himself, they could also have an impact on others.” As a member of the royal family, he has to reconcile being something of an ambassador to the UK – his comments could therefore affect the safety of his former comrades on foreign assignments.

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