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Kurt Aeschbacher shoots against influencers

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«Low education and impertinence»

TV legend Kurt Aeschbacher shoots against influencers

In a podcast on the topic of social media content, Kurt Aeschbacher doesn’t give influencers a good hair. Fabio Zahnd, moderator of the show, has a split opinion.

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Kurt Aeschbacher was a guest in a podcast on the subject of content and found controversial words about influencers.


Berit-Silja GründlersEditor People

«To be an influencer, you need to have a relatively high opinion of yourself. A low level of education and the cheek to demand a lot of money for every photo taken. » With these words, moderator legend Kurt Aeschbacher (74) describes his view of influencer marketing.

In the podcast “Content.Talk.” With Fabio Zahnd, owner of a social media agency, Aeschbacher discusses the changes in content over the last few decades. The controversial statement by the former SRF moderator arose from a long discussion, says Zahnd: “We spoke for thirty minutes and of course what Kurt Aeschbacher says is provocative. But I can also partially understand him.”

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