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Luca Hänni and Christina Luft defend themselves against stalking horror

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“We feel increasingly uncomfortable”

Luca Hänni and Christina Luft defend themselves against stalking horror

In 2014, Luca Hänni made it public for the first time that a stalker was making his life difficult. The psychological terror has apparently not stopped to this day – on the contrary. Christina Luft is also suffering from the persecution. The two share this in a statement.


Luca Hänni and Christina Luft defend themselves against a stalker.


Michael ImhofDesk Manager People

Luca Hänni (28) has been struggling with Z.* (23)’s rampant fan love for years. In 2014, he made the incident public for the first time: in a letter, he threatened to pour gasoline and set himself on fire if he did not come out of his house, and in fan forums made death threats against other supporters of the “DSDS” winner from 2011. Apparently not much has changed since then: Z. still makes life difficult for Hänni – and now also that of his fiancée Christina Luft (32). Now the couple defends themselves in a statement.

“Unfortunately, a certain Ms. Z. hasn’t had anything else to do lately than bother us every day,” Hänni and Luft inform in a joint letter on Instagram. In the meantime, Z. has been contacting advertising partners and concert promoters in order to put the two down. She also spread untruths and made threats. The worst thing is that she follows and stalks the two “almost every day”.

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