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Miss Argentina marries Miss Puerto Rico

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Beauty queens kept relationship secret

Miss Argentina marries Miss Puerto Rico

Two misses, one from Argentina and the other from Puetro Rico have fallen in love. They have kept their relationship out of the public eye until now. But now Mariana Varela and Fabiola Valentin have announced that they have married.


Fabiola Valentin (left) and Mariana Varela got married.

They met and fell in love at a beauty contest: Mariana Varela (26) and Fabiola Valentin (22). While Varela was crowned Miss Argentina, Valentin rose to prominence as Miss Puerto Rico. The two then met for the first time at the “Miss Grand International” competition in Thailand 2020. The two could not put on the crown, but they emerged as winners anyway. Because their friendship turned into love.

The two are now making it public on Instagram. Not only are they in a relationship — as they reveal in a reel, they’ve also tied the knot. In 50 Seconds, the beauty queens share romantic snaps from their relationship. Among other things, you can see photos and videos from their wedding, their engagement and from vacation together.

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