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«Monarchy is a random number generator for catastrophes»

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Benno TuchschmidCo-Head of Society

Glitter couple: Prince Harry and Meghan at an awards show in London on March 5, 2020.

Everyone is talking about Harry. And Harry is a reliable source of conversation. In his autobiography “Spare” (in German: “Reserve”) he writes about quarrels in the royal family, his intoxicated youth and signs of frostbite on his primary genitals after a charity trip to the North Pole. Has anything like this ever happened? Hardly anyone can answer that better than the historian Leonhard Horowski, author of the book “The Europe of Kings” and an expert on the history of the monarchy.

As a historian, you have dealt with generations of European royal families. Has a prince ever commented publicly on the condition of his penis?
Leonhard Horowski: Certainly not in public. But you don’t want to know what they used to say. That was sometimes drastic.

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