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“My Ar*ch has more relevance than any of your DSDS stars”

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Katja Krasavice (26) sits next to Dieter Bohlen (68) on the jury of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”. But now the rapper is musically violent against her jury colleague.

The musician published a disstrack against the pop titan on Tiktok. She raps in it: “You’re doing your slutshaming again, as usual. I prefer to wear nothing at all apart from my function as a role model. Fucked through without a high school diploma, but the plan is going quite well.”

Krasavice is alluding to a scandal saying by Bohlen. Last week, reality starlet Jill Lange (22) appeared as a candidate for “DSDS”. Dieter Bohlen asked her: “Did you do anything normal? Or did you just have Abi and let yourself be noodled through?” RTL removed the saying before the TV broadcast. A sexism debate flared up.

In her song, Katja Krasavice goes even further: “Today my ar * ch is more relevant than any of your German superstars.” She alludes to the fact that hardly anyone became famous through “DSDS”.

The song is only 46 seconds long. She also goes into detail as to why she is on the jury in the first place. She raps: “I don’t sit on juries for a few 100k, but to defend bitches. That’s it.”

The said sexism scandal scene could only be seen online. In a statement from RTL it says: “In our view, the current season hits the intended tone, the said sentence is out of the ordinary. Putting the episode on RTL+ as a preview was a mistake.”

While the German broadcaster is remorseful, there is no Bohlen apology. (eu)

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