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“Not everyone is born to be a preacher”

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Mark Wahlberg and former model Rhea Durham have been married since 2009.

Interview: Patricia Danaher

With “Father Stu” in March he wanted to attract believing Christians to the cinemas. Mark Wahlberg’s (51) mission didn’t quite work out. The biographical film, about an ex-boxer who begins a second career as a Catholic priest, only grossed a total of $21 million in theaters. Wahlberg has now decided on a very unusual action for Hollywood: He is bringing his film to the cinemas again, slightly adapted – under the slightly different title “Father Stu Reborn”.

Mark Wahlberg gains 10 pounds in 3 weeks

Belly instead of six pack: Mark Wahlberg gains 10 pounds in 3 weeks(00:40)

Mr. Wahlberg, what are your hopes for the new version of «Father Stu»?
Mark Wahlberg: A lot of parents have told me they didn’t see the movie with their kids because it was an 17+ movie because of all the swear words. And it would be a shame and a sin if they didn’t get the chance! That’s why the new version is now available.

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