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Now Prince Harry even talks about his best piece

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Royal unpacks in biography!

Now Prince Harry even talks about his best piece

Prince Harry knows no bounds in his memoirs: he speaks openly about spicy details from his life.


Harry makes no secret of his circumcision in his memoirs.

Prince Harry (38) very intimate! In his new biography “Reserve”, the son of King Charles III. (74) – and apparently knows no limits. He also speaks at length about his crown jewels. Because at the wedding of Prince William (40) and Princess Kate (40) he is said to have had problems with his best piece. Because before that he had been on a charity hike in freezing temperatures – and had frostbitten ears, cheeks and his penis.

Harry writes that his father felt sorry for him at the wedding because of this. Charles was “interested” and “sympathetic”. “While the ears and cheeks were already healing, the penis was not yet healed. It became a bigger problem every day,” he writes. Eventually he had to go to the doctor.

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