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Ozzy Osborne wants to go back to England

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“Don’t die in America”

Ozzy Osborne wants to go back to England

British rock legend Ozzy Osbourne plans to move back to England with his wife from the USA next year.

ARCHIVE – Ozzy Osbourne: “It’s time for me to come home.” Photo: David Davies/PA Wire/dpa

“It’s time. America has changed so drastically. It’s not United States in any way. Nothing is united. It’s a weird place to live right now,” the 73-year-old told The Observer (Sunday) in an interview in London after his recent surprise appearance at the Commonwealth Games in his hometown of Birmingham. “I don’t want to die in America,” added the British native. “It’s time for me to come home.”

Osbourne, who became known as the frontman of the heavy metal band “Black Sabbath”, used the corona lockdowns to work on new music. His new album “Patient Number 9” will be released on September 9th.

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