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“People don’t buy tickets because they don’t have money”

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Pop singer Nicole on the flood of concert cancellations

“People didn’t buy tickets because they just didn’t have the money”

Stefanie Heinzmann, Mark Forster, Andrea Berg: At the moment, a striking number of artists from German-speaking countries are canceling their performances. Pop star Nicole can guess the reasons for this.


Pop singer Nicole comments on the flood of concert cancellations. The 58-year-old is certain…

Laszlo Schneider

Laszlo SchneiderEditor People

On Thursday, the Valais pop star Stefanie Heinzmann (33) turned to her fans via Instagram: Because of “hesitant ticket demand”, she had to cancel her entire winter tour. Heinzmann is not alone in this: the German band Kraftklub and pop star Mark Forster (39) also canceled individual concerts or entire tours – Kraftklub, however, due to illness. Forster says he wants to “work on new music”.

Pop singer Nicole (58) does not think about cancellations after her cancer, as she reveals in her podcast “But please with Schlager”. She believes that the music industry’s sluggish ticket sales are due to fans’ lack of funds.

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