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Pig penis as a greeting

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Jungle campers reach their limits right from the start

Pig penis as a greeting

The jungle camp starts in style: there is not only a disgust test for the candidates, but also a lot of drama.


Cosimo Citiolo entertained the jungle test.


Remo BernetEditor People

It’s the starting signal for the new trash TV year: the new jungle camp season started on Friday evening. There is no comfortable warm-up this year either. Right at the beginning, the twelve candidates have to take a tough food test. Goat anus, crocodile eyes and pig penis – the jungle campers are spared nothing.

Not everyone takes the disgust test the same way. Youtuber Jolina Mennen (30) and trash TV star Cecilia Asoro (26) ate the penis in no time. Tessa Bergmeier (33), on the other hand, opposed it because the buffalo tongue was not vegan. It sounds similar to Jana Pallaske (43).

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