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Prince Harry counters the greed allegations

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Royal revenge brings him 150 million francs

Prince Harry counters the greed allegations

Prince Harry faces allegations of greed. The Duke of Sussex is making millions with his memoir and other deals. Now he justifies himself.


Prince Harry’s biography has been available since Tuesday.


Sarina BosshardEditor People

The cash registers are currently ringing for Prince Harry (38) and Duchess Meghan (41). The Duke of Sussex is said to have received around 37 million francs for his biography “Reserve” alone. There is also income for her collaboration with Netflix and Meghan’s podcast “Archetypes”. Overall, the couple is said to have bagged around 150 million francs for all deals.

That doesn’t go down well with everyone. The couple has to listen to the accusation of greed. On “Good Morning America” moderator Michael Strahan (51) speaks to Prince Harry about the allegations. “Some critics will say: ‘You spread private conflicts and make money from it, you get paid for it’,” says Strahan, adding: “It’s almost as if you were selling your family.”

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