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Prince Harry used drugs until two years ago

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While Meghan and Archie slept

Prince Harry used drugs until two years ago

With Prince Harry, no stone is left unturned. In his biography “Reserve”, the royal unpacks everything – even that he was still taking drugs at the age of 36.


Prince Harry says in his biography that he used cannabis regularly two years ago.


Berit-Silja GründlersEditor People

It is no longer a secret that the Duke of Sussex (38) was not averse to intoxicants in his youth and early twenties. Prince Harry used cocaine, ketamine, hallucinogenic mushrooms and marijuana, as he made public in the first chapters of his book “Reserve”, which has been available since Tuesday. The Royal consumed the latter, he continues, until a few years ago.

Cannabis is said to have helped him manage his post-war panic attacks and public anxiety. “I would never recommend that people take them recreationally,” Harry said of psychedelics in an interview with 60 Minutes magazine. “But if you do it with the right people, if you’re going through a big loss, grief or trauma, then these things can work like medicine.”

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