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«Prodigies are not better people»

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David Garrett released his 15th album «Iconic» in November. In it he pays homage to his great musical idols.


Laszlo SchneiderEditor People

When SonntagsBlick meets the German miracle violinist David Garrett (42) in Zurich at lunchtime, he apologizes first. And asks if we mind if he orders something else to eat, because: “My stomach is really hanging in the hollows of my knees.” So that we don’t have to wait – and only if it doesn’t bother us – “we can talk and I’ll eat, right?”. There’s no faster way to break ice than club sandwiches with fries.

Mr. Garrett, you were considered a child prodigy. At the age of twelve you had your first record deal in your pocket. After that, you broke up with your parents, who put you under a lot of pressure – and your career broke. How did you get out of the low?
David Garrett: I actually initiated the kink myself. I could have played more concerts – but I didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin. As a child, I had to be on stage at all times. My hands were shaking and I was white as a sheet. At some point I couldn’t give myself any more answers as to why I was doing something. And that gets scary at some point!

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