Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Queen confidante opens up about Prince Harry

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For years, Dickie Arbiter was partly responsible for Queen Elizabeth II’s image.


Remo BernetEditor People

For years, Brit Dickie Arbiter (82) was one of Queen Elizabeth II’s closest confidants († 96). As press spokesman, he controlled the almost flawless image of the British regent. He is now horrified to see how Prince Harry (38) is damaging the image of the royal family with his recently published biography “Reserve” – and advocates how the royals keep quiet about the serious allegations.

What do you think of Prince Harry’s memoir?
Dickie Arbiter: This is pure indictment from page 1 to page 507. I think the book is a disappointment to his family and the royals have every right to be angry with him. After all, he makes private conversations public.

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