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Rags flew between Charles, Camilla and William

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Prince Harry reveals royal dispute

Rags flew between Charles, Camilla and William

Apparently, Prince Harry wasn’t the only royal who had problems with King Charles and Queen Camilla. In his biography he reports on a dispute between the two and Prince William.


Prince William is also said to be struggling with decisions made by the royal family.

In his biography “Reserve”, Prince Harry (38) unpacks about the British royal family. But the renegade royal not only reveals his own problems, but also mentions that Prince William (40) also had troubles with the royal family. Because this should the secret machinations of his father, King Charles III. (74), and his wife, king’s wife Camilla (75), don’t fit at all.

Harry reports that in April 2019 he received a call from his brother who was “seeming with anger”. “Something happened between him and Father and Camilla,” writes Harry. However, he had trouble understanding the whole story because William was far too upset. “I assumed that Dad and Camilla’s people had circulated a story or two about him and Kate and the children and he couldn’t take it any longer.”

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