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Ralph Siegel taken to the hospital with an overdose

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ESC composer suffers from cancer

Ralph Siegel taken to the hospital with a drug overdose

Actually, he just wanted to get fit for the New Year’s Eve party. Then the opposite happened: Ralph Siegel had to be taken to the hospital because of a drug overdose.


Ralph Siegel was taken to the hospital with a drug overdose.

He is in poor health, now ESC legend Ralph Siegel (77) has suffered a setback. The “A Little Peace” composer, who was suffering from cancer, had to spend four days in the hospital over New Year’s Eve. He had collapsed in his house and hit his forehead on a pipe. His wife Laura (38) alerted the emergency doctor. He was then taken to a clinic.

“I passed out like a wet sack. The reason was a tablet overdose of morphine and cortisone, which I had administered to myself without thinking,” says Siegel to “Bild”. Because of his triple herniated disc, he took the painkillers for the morning and evening at the same time. “I wanted to be fit for my New Year’s Eve party,” he argued. The drug cocktail was probably too much.

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