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“Reality Shore” stars reckon with flirts

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Even though they were both in love, they can’t imagine a future together: Venance and Elia.


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Even if the “Reality Shore” season is overshadowed by the beating in the last episode, the participants hardly let anything burn. Already from day 1 on there was uninhibited flirting, a little later the shower was misused for a sweetheart’s hour. But what happened to the TV love affairs of the Swiss protagonists – around six months after the end of the shoot?

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Drama couple Elijah and Venance

It was an up and down with the model and the dancer: they repeatedly approached each other on the TV show, only to argue again a short time later. It was similarly turbulent in Switzerland. “There were about five new attempts, but we just had totally different ideas about how a relationship should work,” explains Elia. When Blick talks to Venance about the time after the TV show, the Valaisan bursts into tears. You have suffered greatly from the back and forth of the last few months. “He put me last in Switzerland,” she says.

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