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“Rita Ora really liked Zurich”

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The Swiss Yves Cueni danced with the Briton at the Zurich Openair

“Rita Ora really liked Zurich”

Rita Ora was on stage at the Zurich Openair on Saturday evening. During the performance, she also received support from Zurich: with Yves Cueni from Wipkingen, she had a dancer from the Limmat city with her.


Yves Cueni from Zurich is accompanying Rita Ora on her festival tour this summer. The picture shows the two at a concert in Portugal.

Michael Imhof

He has already danced in the largest stadiums and arenas with Helene Fischer (38) and Kylie Minogue (54). Most recently he was on stage for the big concert for the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II (96). Yves Cueni (30) from Zurich-Wipkingen is now touring around the world with pop singer Rita Ora (32). And also stopped in his hometown with the Briton at the weekend. “I’ve rarely been so nervous,” he says of the performance at the Zurich Openair.

He supported Rita Ora with his talent for about an hour. Cueni danced with her in the performances of the mega hits “Ritual”, “Anywhere” and “Let You Love Me”, for a short time he even carried the singer on his hands. All his loved ones from home were in the audience. “There were many familiar faces, from best friends and old schoolmates to my mother. I was amazed at my nervousness myself, it’s usually never that bad,” says Yves Cueni. “But when I finally got on stage, all my worries were forgotten. The audience really went with it.”

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