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Robert Downey Jr. makes a drug confession

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Dependent as an eight year old

Robert Downey Jr. makes a drug confession

Robert Downey Jr. is one of the most famous actors. It is known that he had drug problems in the past. In the documentary «Sr.», which was released on Netflix on December 2, he tells us that he was already consuming as a child.


Robert Downey Jr. had drug problems in the past. In the new documentary «Sr.» he talks about his childhood with drugs.

It is already known that actor Robert Downey Jr. (57) has had substance abuse problems in the past. In the Netflix documentary «Sr.» he told how his family and especially his father Robert Downey Sr. (1936-2021) pushed him to early drug use and became addicted. The actor came into contact with alcohol and drugs at the age of six and was addicted at eight.

Downey’s father was already active in the film industry as a director. Father and son shared a love of film. Robert Downey Jr. was even allowed to go to the film set from time to time. However, the senior was a better director than a father, as he himself says in recordings made before his death: “A lot of us made things and found it hypocritical not to let our children participate in it, so we let them smoke with us. It was really stupid of all of us to share that with the kids. Luckily he’s still here.”

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