Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Salar Bahrampoori reveals his wedding plans

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SRF presenter Salar Bahrampoori reveals at the Zurich “Babylon” premiere that he will soon marry his fiancée Barbara Ruijs. “We’re getting married in Zermatt on March 31,” says the native of Graubünden.

A touch of Hollywood in Zurich: “Babylon”, the new film by star director Damien Chazelle (37) and starring Hollywood stars Brad Pitt (59) and Margot Robbie (32), celebrated a major Swiss premiere on Saturday. The celebrity guests were delighted with the film, which tells the story of Hollywood’s transition from silent films to talkies in the 1920s.

Above all, Salar Bahrampoori (43), who reveals himself to be a big Brad Pitt fan: “He’s a unique actor, a living legend, a brilliant guy,” enthuses the SRF moderator. “I like all his films!” Bahrampoori, who appeared with his fiancée Barbara Ruijs (34), has other news to report: “We’re getting married in Zermatt on March 31!” As a Graubünden resident in Zermatt? “Yes, we both love the region – it’s going to be a cool party!”

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