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Sausage Gate around Prince Harry

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Even as a child he was disadvantaged

Sausage Gate around Prince Harry

While Prince William gave three sausages for breakfast, Prince Harry only had two on his plate. This is a typical injustice that the second-born has always suffered, the ex-butler of her mother Lady Di now unpacks.


Prince Harry and his brother, heir to the throne Prince William (right) in April 2017 at an event in France. It is noticeable that Harry, in accordance with his role, stands behind his brother.


Flavia SchlittlerDeputy Head of Department People

Anyone who grew up in a family that favored one child knows how powerless and mean that feels. That must have happened to Prince Harry (38). Paul Burrell (64), who was Princess Diana’s butler for ten years until her death (1961-1997), remembers a disturbing scene that is typical of the blue-blooded being felt less important than his from an early age elder brother, Crown Prince William (40).

Harry is said to have angrily asked his nanny, “How come William gets three sausages and I only get two?” The answer: “William needs to fill up more than you, he will one day be king.” This was one of the cornerstones of the budding rivalry. Burrell said to the British “Sun”: “If I look back now, I think that maybe I got a glimpse of the dynamics there.”

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