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“She immediately screamed in pain”

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“Tatort” star Nora Tschirner has an accident on a TV show

“She immediately screamed in pain”

Nora Tschirner was so injured while shooting “Dalli Dalli” that she had to stay in the hospital for one night. The accident is said to be seen on TV.


Nora Tschirner had an accident.

“Tatort” star Nora Tschirner (41) imagined the pre-Christmas period differently: the German actress had an accident while shooting for the ZDF show “Dalli Dalli”. According to “Bild”, she fell unhappily while playing with snowshoes on her feet and twisted her knee.

Tschirner could no longer stand up himself. It quickly became clear to everyone involved that the situation was serious. Paramedics and moderator Johannes B. Kerner (58) took care of them immediately. A viewer reports: “Nora immediately screamed in pain. It was clear that it wasn’t played.”

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