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“Suddenly Robbie Williams had to throw up”

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Eva Nidecker reports on a breakdown at a mega concert

“Suddenly Robbie Williams had to throw up”

Robbie Williams gives a concert in Munich in front of almost 100,000 spectators, where several things go wrong. TV presenter Eva Nidecker was there live.


Robbie Williams rocked the exhibition center in Munich in front of 90,000 fans on Saturday.

Fynn Müller and Berit-Silja Gründlers

Almost 100,000 fans made the pilgrimage to Munich on Saturday. They had tickets for the mega concert of British superstar Robbie Williams (48). But not every fan left the Munich exhibition center, where Helene Fischer (38) also appeared last week, satisfied.

The reason for this was promises made by the organizers that were not kept. Originally, three jetties on which the pop star can be seen were planned for the show. In the end there was only one bridge.

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