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Taliban chief calls Prince Harry a ‘loser’

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After the royal war confession

Taliban chief calls Prince Harry a ‘loudmouthed loser’

In his much-anticipated memoir, Prince Harry also recounts the killing of 25 Taliban fighters during the war in Afghanistan. In the meantime, the terrorist organization itself has spoken out.


According to Prince Harry, a commander of the Taliban (not pictured) …

When further passages from “Reserve”, the memoirs of Prince Harry (38), became public yesterday Thursday, he spoke, among other things, of his time as a soldier in Afghanistan. He killed 25 people during the war – but didn’t see them “as people, but as chess pieces” that he had eliminated from the board.

You can’t kill people if you treat them as people, the Duke of Sussex said. The reply from the Taliban, classified as a terrorist organization, was not long in coming: Molavi Agha Gol (32), a commander, countered sharply to the “Daily Mail”: “We are still here and we govern the country. But he fled back to his grandmother’s palace. He’s a loudmouthed loser looking for attention.”

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