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Tessa Bergmeier gets on everyone’s mind in the jungle camp

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Nerves are already blank because of the model

Tessa Bergmeier gets on everyone’s mind in the jungle camp

The participants are only a few hours in the Australian jungle camp, but their nerves are already on edge shortly after the start of the broadcast. The model Tessa Bergmeier is to blame for this.


Model Tessa Bergmeier also offends on day 2 in the jungle camp.

If she turns up somewhere, stunk is inevitable: Tessa Bergmeier (33) has already attracted attention in other programs, including “Germany’s Next Top Model” and “Kampf der Realitystars” as a magnet for conflict. She also lives up to this reputation in the jungle camp, as the second episode of the reality show showed again.

The reason for this this time was the water drama: “I’m dehydrated. The water is so disgusting, it tastes like ash, »complains the model when musician Lucas Cordalis (55) asks her what is wrong with her. ‘I can’t drink that. It has such a bad aftertaste.” For her as a vegan – who doesn’t miss a moment to teach about the fact that she eats this way – it is particularly bad: the water is boiled in the same vessel as the meals – including meat – are prepared. “I won’t drink the water if it’s made in the same pot as a cadaveric possum.”

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