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Tessa Bergmeier talks about her bipolarity

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Reason for short-tempered manner?

Tessa Bergmeier talks about her bipolarity

Tessa Bergmeier annoyed the other jungle camp residents in the first three days. Now she talks about her bipolarity.


Tessa Bergmeier angered her kind in the first few days in the jungle camp and got her fellow campers on edge.

The model Tessa Bergmeier (33) teased in many reality shows in which she participated. This is also the case in the jungle camp, where she alarmed her fellow campers during the first three days. Now she is talking about her bipolar disorder.

“Many describe it as making you feel like Jesus. You know you are God – just like everything is God,” says Bergmeier at the night watch with actress Jana “Urkraft” Pallaske (43). Pallaske is an esoteric fan and knows exactly what the model means: “Yes, you got it! That’s why I say: elemental power!”

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