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That’s what Christa Rigozzi’s twins want for their birthday party

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You will be six years old

That’s what Christa Rigozzi’s twins want for their birthday party

Tomorrow Saturday presenter Christa Rigozzi not only celebrates New Year’s Eve, but also the birthday of her twins Alissa and Zoe. In an interview, the Ticino reveals what her girls want.


Presenter Christa Rigozzi talked about her twin daughters in an interview…


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Presenter Christa Rigozzi (39) is currently spending relaxing days skiing in Zermatt with her husband Giovanni Marchese (38) and the twins Alissa and Zoe (5). When the New Year’s corks pop all over the world tomorrow, the two girls will also be celebrating their sixth birthday. In an interview with “20 minutes”, the Ticino native now reveals what the gift wishes of her loved ones are like: “Dolls, books, handicrafts and wooden toys are giving them great pleasure,” she reveals. Rigozzi does not want to say exactly what will be on the gift table tomorrow – just this much: she has had the gifts together for several weeks.

The former Miss Switzerland is visibly enthusiastic about her twins and is brimming with pride. In an interview, she adds: “They are our blood, our life – everything!” She is also fascinated by how her twins are learning more every day.

Respectful treatment

“They are the best thing that could have happened to me in life!” She couldn’t believe how quickly time flies. She also raves about how uncomplicated Alissa and Zoe are – there have never been any stressful moments for her and Giovanni. The girls always treated each other and others with respect.

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