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The child star has fledged

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Lausanne actor Kacey Mottet Klein

The child star has fledged

A few years ago, Kacey Mottet Klein was still winning awards as a child actor. Now he talks about the tough competition in the adult business with Blick – and gives insights into future roles.


From child to adult star: actor Kacey Mottet Klein has made the leap. He can currently be seen in the film «Last Dance».


Laszlo SchneiderEditor People

If you ask about actor Kacey Mottet Klein (24) in German-speaking Switzerland, many shrug their shoulders – a sign that Italian filmmaking and its stars still play a subordinate role east of the Röstigraben. Perhaps it’s simply because, as a child actor, he’s long flown under the radar of public scrutiny. Gradually, however, the French-speaking Swiss slips out of his cocoon and turns out to be a colorful movie butterfly. Best proof: his latest film “Last Dance”. In the strip by Delphine Lehericey (47) from Neuchâtel, he plays the dance teacher Samir, who helps an elderly widower onto the stage.

Compared to Blick, Mottet Klein is thoughtful about the transformation from child to adult star: “Many would not admit it, but when you grow up, there is tough competition. It’s like Formula 1: You always want to be the best.” Every actress and actor knows that there are better ones out there. The Lausanne native can definitely dance – you can see that in “Last Dance”. “Even if I’m usually more of a party dancer,” he admits with a laugh. “But I trained hard for a month, it was quite frustrating at times.”

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