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“The shock is deep”

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Geissens talk about car fire

“The shock is deep”

Robert Geiss’ car caught fire out of nowhere, and his daughter Davina had to go to the hospital with smoke poisoning. Now her parents are talking about the incident.

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Davina Geiss was injured in a vehicle fire. The car suddenly caught fire, as she writes on Instagram.

Davina Geiss (19) was lucky in misfortune: because father Robert’s (58) Porsche GT3 caught fire for no reason and is said to have even exploded, she ended up in the hospital with smoke inhalation, but nothing worse happened. Mother Carmen Geiss (57) explains RTL: “Of course, the shock is deep. You’re miles away from your child when something like that happens.” Because while she and her husband were relaxing in Dubai, a momentous incident occurred in their adopted home of Monaco.

Robert Geiss is happy that his daughter was not seriously injured. The businessman explains: «Especially in the underground car park. In the underground car park, we all know that smoke is the most harmful and the worst thing there is and you get poisoned immediately, faint and then of course something really bad can happen. »

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