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The Wendler is back

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Signs of life on Instagram

The Wendler is back

For a long time nothing had been heard from scandal singer Michael Wendler, for Christmas he now wishes his fans all the best on Instagram – after he had been blocked for a long time because of conspiracy theories.


Michael Wendler is back on Instagram. After the platform temporarily blocked him for spreading conspiracy theories, …


Laszlo SchneiderEditor People

Michael Wendler (50) was one of the most prominent figures in the German-speaking pop world. With conspiracy theories about the corona pandemic and numerous scandals surrounding his wife Laura Müller (22), who is 28 years his junior, he increasingly sidelined himself – so much so that Instagram blocked his profile. The comeback for Christmas: Under the username “der_michael_wendler”, the German wishes his followers a happy holiday. He poses in front of a Christmas tree, carrying his wife in his arms. In addition, the former “Jungle Camp” participant also published a story – but there is no festive speech to be heard, only a squirrel can be seen eating a nut in a garden.

Müller also announces on her own profile that her husband is back on social media. An accompanying picture shows her with Wendler in front of a silver Christmas tree. The hit star commented on the post with “Love you” (“Love you”).

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