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Their fear of the mafia can also be felt in the Caribbean

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Crown Princess Amalia of the Netherlands on her first state visit

Their fear of the mafia can also be felt in the Caribbean

She makes her public comeback after the threats against her. She is celebrated for her courage in mingling with people in the Caribbean. How difficult it is for her to smile can be seen in the current pictures.

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Crown Princess Amalia’s tension is palpable in the Caribbean. 60 appointments are on their two-week trip on the program.


Flavia SchlittlerDeputy Head of Department People

White sandy beaches, palm trees and turquoise sea. Traveling to the Caribbean is a dream for many. For the Dutch Crown Princess Amalia (19), her first state visit is mandatory and a gauntlet run. Together with her parents King Willem-Alexander (55) and Queen Máxima (51) she will visit the six Caribbean islands that belong to the kingdom until February 9th. The focus is on the history of slavery, which was not ended in the Dutch colonies until 1873.

For the blue-blooded teenager, it’s the public comeback after the threats against him. In September it became known that Amalia was the focus of the drug mafia. Insiders suspect that a possible kidnapping of mafia boss Ridouan Taghi (45) is to be released from the high-security prison in Vught, the Netherlands. Amalia had to return from her shared student flat in Amsterdam behind the thick palace walls in The Hague, with bodyguards accompanying her every step of the way. The fear is also in their parents’ bones. “Amalia can no longer leave the house, it is a very difficult situation that has major consequences for her life,” said Queen Máxima on the sidelines of a state visit to Sweden, shortly after it became public that she had to fear for Amalia’s life. “I’m really proud of her, how she endures it all,” said the proud mother.

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