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These stars gave their hearts away in 2022

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Pietro Lombardi, Melanie Winiger and Rebel Wilson

These stars gave their hearts away in 2022

Love has struck in 2022 as always. Blick shows which stars fell in love this year.


Melanie Winiger is newly in love. The new man at her side is Timo Todzi. They made their relationship public in November.


Sarina BosshardEditor People

In 2022, Cupid had a lot to do again. Among others, his love arrows met Melanie Winiger (43), Pietro Lombardi (30) and Rebel Wilson (42).

More than a good old friend

Your camouflage is blown: At Reto Hanselmann’s (41) Halloween party, Melanie Winiger claimed that her companion was “a good old friend”. After Blick made it public that the two held hands and kissed in Zurich’s Kaufleuten, the 180-degree turn followed.

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