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This is how the controversial bed scene was shot

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“Traumschiff” star Tina Ruland unpacks

This is how the controversial bed scene was shot

One scene in particular stuck in the minds of the viewers of the “Traumschiff” on Boxing Day: the situation in bed, in which the Himmelberg couple wanted to give their sex life new pep. Tina Ruland tells how the shooting of it went.


This bed scene made many “dream ship” viewers red heads.

Traditionally, “Das Traumschiff” sets sail on the second day of Christmas. In this year’s Christmas episode of the ZDF series, the protagonists visited Coco Island in the Maldives. But the spectators did not whisper about the destination of the trip, but about a bed scene of the couple Sonja (played by Tina Ruland, 56) and Daniel Himmelberg (Marek Erhardt, 53). The two wanted to give their sex life new pep. However, this caused a great moment of foreign shame in the audience. For actress Ruland, the footage of the scene was full of humor.

“We laughed a lot because it was really hilarious,” she says in an interview with the “Webvideoshow”. In the scene, Sonja Himmelberg is surprised by her husband Daniel with a cabin decorated with rose petals. He himself is only dressed with the blanket. “Like in a cheesy sleazy movie. The only thing missing is that you say: ‘Take me, baby’,” commented the “Traumschiff” character played by Ruland, Sonja Himmelberg.

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