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Thomas Gottschalk annoys the audience

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“Bet that..?”

Thomas Gottschalk annoys the audience

On Saturday, the big “Wetten, dass..?” bash took place on German ZDF. Co-moderator Michelle Hunziker avoided intimate questions, Thomas Gottschalk annoyed the fans.


Thomas Gottschalk had to after the revival broadcast of “Wetten, dass ..?” take heavy criticism.

Laszlo Schneider

Laszlo SchneiderEditor People

The guest list of the Saturday evening show was impressive: Thomas Gottschalk (72) and co-moderator Michelle Hunziker (45) welcomed pop star Robbie Williams (48), acting legend John Malkovich (68) and footballer Giulia Gwinn (23) – Swiss guests or By the way, there were no betting candidates in Friedrichshafen: although the SRF paid 100,000 francs to the broadcasting rights of “Wetten, dass ..?” According to the broadcaster, several people canceled due to scheduling reasons.

More about «Wetten, dass..?»

With more than 10 million viewers, the ratings for the show were excellent – ​​even if the revival show watched even more last year, at almost 14 million. Despite the joy about the broadcast of the cult format, many fans on the Internet complained about Gottschalk in particular.

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