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“Tried all drugs at the age of 25”

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Marco Fritsche unpacks about the wild party past

“Tried all drugs at the age of 25”

Marco Fritsche is one of the best-known TV presenters in Switzerland. He has experienced a lot in his career. Now he unpacks in a new interview about his wild party past. Today, however, he is a lot calmer on the road.

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The “farmer, single, looking for …” moderator Marco Fritsche has wild times behind him. In an interview he talked about his wild party time.

On the Alm there’s no sin! Marco Fritsche has been in front of the camera for the 3+ dome show “Bauer, single, sucht” since 2008, but the Appenzeller started out as a TV presenter in the early 2000s at the music station Viva. This time was very wild, as he reveals in a new interview.

At that time he had experienced a high and also had experience with drugs. “I tried everything there was when I was 25 to 30, 32,” he says in the podcast “Parlez-Vous Plü” by moderator Maximilian Baumann (31) on the streaming service Oneplus. “I earned well, had a good job that everyone around me thought was great, and as a child from the country I lived in Zurich. I was about to go crazy.” In an interview with the “Schweizer Illustrierte” in the summer of 2022, he said exactly what that meant: “I smoked, drank alcohol, smoked pot and coke.” He has never tried LSD, but would like to do so once with some support.

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