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“Tschugger” creator David Constantin wins acting award

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58th Solothurn Film Days

“Tschugger” creator David Constantin wins acting award

The Prix Swissperform 2023 acting awards were presented on Sunday evening as part of the 58th Solothurn Film Festival. The winners are David Constantin, Clarina Sierro, Meryl Marty and Lale Yavas.

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David Constantin, co-director and main actor in the SRF series “Tschugger”, receives a Prix Swissperform for his acting achievements.

The award for the best leading role goes to David Constantin, who plays the leading role in the Valais police comedy «Tschugger». “This Bax, sexy and totally megalomaniac, but always on target with a crystal-clear moral compass is a stunner,” the jury judged according to the Filmtage media release. Constantin not only plays the character, but co-created it as co-writer and co-director of the production.

Clarina Sierro, who plays the role of Elise Jacottet in the French-speaking Swiss crime series “Hors Saison”, received the award for the best supporting role. Like Constantin, the actress comes from Valais and is a newcomer to the film business. According to the jury, she plays the character “like a watchmaker who always guides her tools with a delicate but firm grip”.

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