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“Unfortunately, our critics remained invisible”

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After the Bern reggae scandal, the “Lauwarm” singer defends himself

“Unfortunately, our critics remained invisible”

Spectators protested at a concert by the Bernese dialect band “Lauwarm” because of “cultural appropriation”, so the concert had to be stopped. Now the band concerned speaks – and counters the allegations.

Scandal because of a reggae performance in Bern: the dialect band “Lauwarm” had to cancel its concert in Bern’s scene pub Brasserie Lorraine last Monday after visitors complained to the operators. «During the concert, several people approached us independently and expressed their discomfort with the situation. It was about the topic of ‘cultural appropriation’,” writes the restaurant on Facebook. ‘Cultural appropriation’ means the adoption of aspects and components of one culture into another.

The visitors would have been bothered by the fact that the white Swiss band members played reggae music, a style of music originating from Jamaica, and wore blond dreadlocks and colored clothes from Senegal and Gambia. The brasserie would like to apologize to all visitors “whom the concert caused bad feelings,” the operators continue to write. A discussion event on the subject is now planned in the restaurant in mid-August. However, when asked by Blick, Brasserie Lorraine declined to comment.

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