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They were hot. And you thought: finally something for the eyes on Sunday evening. But already in the next episode, thanks to unsuccessful carriage work by the styling department of the Saarbrucken “crime scene”, they were already needed again. We are talking about the two semi-new commissioners Adam Schürk (Daniel Strässer) and Leo Holz (Vladimir Burlakov). The loss of style between the two was so obvious that I thought I would now regularly etch about costumes and equipment in the Saarbrücken episodes and have such good column material when the episodes are so well again.

But not possible. Because the consequences are not well, but really good. Schürk is so damaged by the violent relationship with his underworld father that he is actually not suitable for the commissioner’s job. His childhood friend Hoelz tried with all his might to protect Schürk from himself, even if he no longer deserved it. It is probably not for nothing that Schürk is onomatopoeic close to “Schurke”. The relationship between the two and the drama that regularly results from Schürk’s past and his psychological damage are worth seeing in and of themselves.

The current case, which takes place in the hooligan milieu, is on an equal footing with this basic conflict: a man is taken to the hospital with a stab wound after a football match and dies there. Video recordings show: The chief physician seems insecure and distracted with first aid. Holzer and his colleagues investigate, Schürk scoundrels, and as a spectator, the styling of the two is meanwhile irrelevant.

“Tatort”: “The cold of the earth”, SRF 1, 8:05 p.m
Rating: Four and a half out of five

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