Friday, December 2, 2022

Warren Beatty charged with sexual abuse

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His alleged victim was 14 years old

Warren Beatty charged with sexual abuse

Serious allegations against Warren Beatty: A woman accuses the actor of multiple “sexual contacts” and sexual intercourse. At that time she was 14 years old.


An abuse lawsuit has been filed against actor Warren Beatty.

A woman (63) has filed a lawsuit against actor Warren Beatty (85) in the United States for abuse. In 1973, Beatty met the then 14-year-old and later repeatedly forced her to have “sexual contacts” and finally to have sexual intercourse, according to the lawsuit. The then 35-year-old Beatty “exploited his position and status as an adult and Hollywood star”.

The plaintiff said she met the actor on a film set at the time. He later invited her to the hotel where he was staying, among other things. Initially, the plaintiff understood the situation as a romantic relationship, according to the complaint. Because of the psychological, mental and emotional burden, the plaintiff is now demanding compensation.

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