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What became of Nimal and Melina?

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“Farmer, single, looking for…” vegan

What became of Nimal and Melina?

They were probably the quietest team in the current season of “Farmer, single, seeks…”: Farmer Nimal and his lady-in-waiting Melina. The vegans had a lot in common but diverged without revealing whether they are a couple or not. Blick followed up.


Farmer Nimal and his lady-in-waiting Melina. The two spent a very harmonious farm week.


Berit-Silja GründlersEditor People

Farmer Nimal (30) from the canton of Bern and his lady-in-waiting Melina (25) from Germany are two of the quiet kind. The “farmer, single, is looking for…” couple spent their farm week with the animals at Nimal’s farm, built a pond for the geese rescued from the slaughterhouse and went for walks with the goats.

By the end of their time together, Nimal was positive. He hopes that he and Melina would see each other again and stay in touch. The native of Zurich admitted during the show that he had grown fond of his lady-in-waiting. And she seemed to return the tender feelings of the farmer.

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